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In Fairbanks, Alaska, ITA stands for the Interior Taxpayers' Association, a non-profit, all volunteer group incorporated in the Interior of Alaska in 1987. Our goal is to ensure the most cost effective government possible, and to make it affordable for everyone to live here, with enough discretionary income to enjoy it as well. We continually strive to lower local taxes, or at least ensure that the taxpayers get their money's worth!

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ITA Forum September 18, 2018, 6:30pm in the Assembly Chambers (borough building by the News-Miner):

It was a great forum. After, members voted our endorsements - noted below in red.


  • SEAT A: (3 yr term) Jim Clark, Shoshana Kun, and Andrew R Thompson NO ENDORSEMENT
  • SEAT B: (3 yr term) LLOYD HILLING, Marcey Luther, and June Rogers
  • SEAT D: (1 yr term) JONATHAN M. BAGWILL, Kathryn Ottersten

BOROUGH ASSEMBLY (all 3 yr terms)

  • SEAT A: Marna Sanford, and SAM TUCK
  • SEAT F: Blaze Brooks, Liz Lyke, and JEFFREY RENTZEL
  • SEAT G: HANK BARTOS, Michael Holland, and Leah Berman Williams

BOROUGH MAYOR  (3 yr term)

  • Christopher Quist
  • Robert Shields
  • Nadine Winters

Fairbanks North Star Borough Propositions:


$36,615,000 General Obligation Bonds for Capital Improvements

The following projects are mentioned: Ben Eielson Jr/Sr High School Roof Replacement, John A. Carlson Community Activity Center, Woodriver Elementary School, and a replacement animal shelter. NO estimate is given for additional annual operating and maintenance costs.

A “Yes” vote enacts the ordinance., A NOvote defeats the ordinance.



This one is to exempt from the tax revenue cap all amounts transferred or appropriated each fiscal year to the Facilities Maintenance Reserve Fun, not to exceed an increase of 1 mill to the rate of property tax levy (each year). Ed Note: 1 mill equates to_____________ per 100,000 in property value.

A “Yes” vote enacts the ordinance., A NOvote defeats the ordinance.



Ordinance Establishing Maximum Allowable Tax Revenues

This is ITA’s initiative, to reenact the Tax Cap (Revenue Cap) to extend its protections for two more years.

A YESvote enacts the FNSB 8.04.290 and 8.04.300 which limits the maximum allowable tax revenues for the borough. If passed, it may not be modified or negated within two years.

A “No” vote defeats the initiative, and the current revenue cap in the FNSB Codes of Ordinances will remain in effect; however, it can now be modified or negated by the assembly.



Ordinance Enacting the Home Heating Reclamation Act

The Fairbanks North Star Borough, excluding the natural gas utility, shall not in any way regulate, prohibit, curtail, ban, nor issue fines or fees associated with, the sale, distribution, installation or operation of solid fuel heating appliances or any type of combustible fuels. “Solid fuel heating appliance” is defined as any appliance designed to produce heat by burning non-gaseous and non-liquid fuels, including but not limited to wood stoves, coal stoves, wood-fired hydronic heaters, wood-fired furnaces, coal-fired hydronic heaters, coal-fired furnaces, fireplace inserts, pellet fuel burning devices, masonry heaters, cook stoves, and fireplaces.

A YESvote enacts the Home Heating Reclamation Act as law, which prohibits the borough, excluding the natural gas utility, from regulating, prohibiting, curtailing, banning, or issuing fines or fees associated with the sale, distribution, or operation of solid fuel heating appliances or any type of combustible fuel. If enacted it may not be modified or negated within two years.

A “No” vote means the initiative will be defeated.




This communication was paid for by the Interior Taxpayers’ Association, Inc., Fairbanks, AK, Donna Gilbert, President, who has approved this message. The 3 top contributors of ITA this election season so far are Donna Gilbert, Lee DeSpain, and Ann Roberts, all of Fairbanks. This NOTICE TO VOTERS may not be required by Alaska law, but is included as a precaution. We certify that this communication is not authorized, paid for, or approved by any candidate.

Endorsements for the October 3, 2017 election have been archived at elec2017x.html

Borough Costs

We were asked to publish the borough salary list. So here it is, in XLSX form. Click here to download.  NOTE THIS IS OLD INFO.


Forum Results for earlier elections.

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A few years ago, the City Council voted to give FCVB a set percentage of the Bed Tax money. We went through court over this before - and have posted the judges' decision in that earlier case.

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Read why ITA wanted to Repeal the Fairbanks Port Authority, were against the Gas Line Port Authority, and objected to the latest Consolidation attempt.



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Our meetings used to be held on the third Wednesday of the month , usually at Denny's, but we have not had a meeting in a long time, as there was not much happening, and we hate to bother people with meetings if it is not strictly necessary. The last meeting was our Candidate Forum, Sept. 22, 2009 at the Assembly Chambers. Sign up on our list to find out about future meetings.

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