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In Fairbanks, Alaska, ITA stands for the Interior Taxpayers' Association, a non-profit, all volunteer group incorporated in the Interior of Alaska in 1987. Our goal is to ensure the most cost effective government possible, and to make it affordable for everyone to live here, with enough discretionary income to enjoy it as well. We continually strive to lower local taxes, or at least ensure that the taxpayers get their money's worth!

Click here for more information on ITA's goals and accomplishments.


We just finished our annual Local Candidates' Forum and here are our endorsements for the October 5, 2021 election:

City Council: Jerry Cleworth and Jonathan Bagwill.

Borough Assembly: Kevin McKinley, Patricia Silva, and Lance Roberts

Borough Mayor: Bryce Ward


 We were pleased with how many either joined or renewed their membership at the forum. If you want to join, use the "donate" button farther down on this page to join or donate. Sorry we could not make the button say "join" but the first $25 you "donate" will go to a membership unless you tell us otherwise.



Endorsements for the October 2020 election have been archived at elec2020x.html

Borough Revenue (tax) Cap Petition

Once again, we need to collect signatures on our revenue cap, for next year's election.

How You Can Help:

  • Join ITA for $25 and/or

  • Donate to help cover our advertising cost. Use the donate button farther down on this page to join or donate.

  • Please look for a tax cap petition and sign it. One can be found to about a week more at Alaska Rare Coin on second street. 

Borough Costs

We were asked to publish the borough salary list. So here it is, in XLSX form. Click here to download.  NOTE THIS IS OLD INFO - working to get updates.


Forum Results for earlier elections.

Go to our Election Index (below) and click on the appropriate year link at the top of the page.

Check here for our election index.


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You can donate to ITA securely through the help of PayPal. You do NOT need to have a PayPal account, but will be given the option of opening one. SPECIAL NOTE - DO NOT DONATE TO ANY CANDIDATES HERE - This link is only for ITA.


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Weather Link for Fairbanks

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Peruse Taxpayer Links to government and political entities.
(We have decided to post this page now, even though it is a work in progress. It is one of those things that may never be really completed! Please excuse the links that do not work yet. In particular, do not try the link to e-mailing all legislators at once.)

A few years ago, the City Council voted to give FCVB a set percentage of the Bed Tax money. We went through court over this before - and have posted the judges' decision in that earlier case.

Read a brief history of how ITA has saved taxpayers in the Interior millions of dollars since ITA started (we just updated this!). Click Here for the unabridged version (awaiting updates).

Browse our Election Archives (Fairbanks North Star Borough and city of Fairbanks). We have had to remove some of the older ones for lack of web space. Sorry!

Take a look at the Fairbanks North Star Borough Tax Cap. (If you are not from Fairbanks, and your community is considering putting on a tax cap, you may want to take a look at our application for initiative petition for ideas. Just remember that this one is for a Second Class Borough in Alaska. We hope to put up the one for a Home Rule Municipality soon.)

Read why ITA wanted to Repeal the Fairbanks Port Authority, were against the Gas Line Port Authority, and objected to the latest Consolidation attempt.



"Lighten up" with a little humor:

Enjoy our Guest Page which highlights tax-related political thought from varied sources, friends and otherwise. We get a lot of visitors looking for information on the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend program. It is a state issue, and we are more concerned with local tax issues, so here is the official link for them:

Send an email message to . Suggestions for our web site are welcome! You can also email us to be added to our email newsletter, ITA Interior Alert.

Join or donate to ITA, or subscribe to our email newsletter. Remember, good government is not a spectator sport - get involved!

Our meetings used to be held on the third Wednesday of the month , usually at Denny's, but we have not had a meeting in a long time, as there was not much happening, and we hate to bother people with meetings if it is not strictly necessary. The last meeting was our Candidate Forum, Sept. 22, 2009 at the Assembly Chambers. Sign up on our list to find out about future meetings.

Going Somewhere? Try for more specifics on our town, or Neighborhood and Community Information for other areas.