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ITA Guest Page Index

Welcome to our Guest Page. Here we reprint sample writings of a large variety of people engaged in contemporary political thought. Whenever possible, we will give you links to their homepages or e-mail addresses. We strive to print all sides of an issue and therefore the writers featured here do not necessarily belong to, or even endorse our group. Come back often, as the documents provided here are constantly changing. If you wish to comment (either agree or disagree) with anything you read here, you are welcome to e-mail us your ideas - maybe you will see your thoughts featured here one day! Editorials are listed with the most recent at the top.

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  1. Against Consolidation in the North Star Borough of Fairbanks, Alaska:
    A local government-watcher comments on the latest insanity in Fairbanks. This was written in reply to an editorial written by the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner. Click here to read the editorial first.
  2. The Purpose of the Permanent Fund: This is a brief summary of the purposes behind the Alaska Permanent Fund, listing in particular its public purposes. Brought to you courtesy of Jim Weidner, a local guardian of the Permanent Fund.
  3. Sales Taxes Anyone? There is a move afoot to make another try for sales taxes in Fairbanks. Here is one viewpoint on the strategy behind that.
  4. Not Yours to Give: This lesson comes to us from none other than Davey Crockett!
  5. Is This How They Reward a Kindness?: Comments from someone who tried to repair the yard signs for a political opponent. The philosophy presented here is closely aligned with ITA's feelings on mud slinging. Presented by the Advance Alaska Network.
  6. Unification by Stealth: a cynical look at responses by Mayor candidates in the September forums. Another essay by the Advance Alaska Network.
  7. Who's Who: a closer look at the individual/group behind the ads. It is good to get "the rest of the story"!
  8. ITA Prints Reader Responses: Commentary (from Letters to the editor of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner) on a series of controversial ads appearing locally. While the issues are state ones, they impact local taxes, and therefore, local taxpayers.
  9. Taxes in Alaska: Alaskans don't pay taxes? From the Advance Alaska Network, this essay gives insights into Alaska's true tax situation. From here you can link to other essays at the website of the author, Kevin McGehee.

    ITA disclaimer: Editorials by various authors in our guest section have been reprinted for your information and entertainment. The authors are not necessarily members, nor do they necessarily agree with the philosophy, aims, or endorsements of the Interior Taxpayers' Association.

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Candidate endorsements on this Web Site are not authorized, paid for, nor approved by any candidate. ITA, as a non-profit organization, does not give money to candidates. ITA is solely responsible for the content of everything appearing on these pages unless otherwise noted. We believe in the truth and are proud of our research. We stand ready to back up anything we say here, with the originating documents if necessary. However, we will not be responsible for inaccuracies found in other's documentation.

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