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Fairbanks Candidate Appearances

Sept/Oct. as of 9/14/2002

Republican Luncheons

Tentative schedule, at Chena Restaurant at River's Edge

[Charge for lunch is $10,  $5 for soup/salad, $3 for beverages, or $2 if just listening.]They plan to allow 3-5 minutes for the Candidates to talk, take questions from the floor, then allow the Candidates a 1 min close, time permitting

Sept. 20, Friday

12 to 1PM

Randy Frank, Valerie Therrien

Sept. 27, Friday

12 to 1PM

City Council Candidates

Oct. 4, Friday

12 to 1PM

Ballot Propositions

Oct. 8 Election Day for Local Seats
The following are General Election Debates, FYI

Oct. 11, Friday

12 to 1PM

Bud Fate & Karen Parr

Oct. 18, Friday 12 to 1PM Scarborough & Guttenberg
Oct. 25, Friday 12 to 1PM Jim Holm & Joe Hayes
Nov. 1 12 to 1PM Ralph Seekins & John Davies
The Republican Women's Club sometimes sponsors a separate forum) For info, call 455-6652 or 479-6733.

KJNP Closing Comments Mayoral TV Forum

This one is on Channel 4, live at 9 p.m. (The listening audience is allowed to phone in questions at 488-2216 after the show starts)




Sept 24.

Borough Assembly
Seats D & J

D:  Cheryl Alsip
     Dale Rixie
     Earl Romans
J:  Garry Hutchison
     David Roblee

Sept. 26

City Council
Seats E & F

E:  Scott Kawasaki
     John Shackley
F:  John Eberhardt
     Percy Herbert
     Richard Jobe
     Jeff Johnson
     Thomas Marsh

Oct 1

Borough Assembly
Seats E & K

E:  Mark Ames
     Randy Frank,
     Valerie Therrien
K: Bonnie Williams,
     D. Scott Williams

Oct. 3

Fairbanks School Board
Seats E, F & G

E:  Bill Burrows
     Joseph Easaw, Jr.
F:  Joe Blackburn
     Trulee Jones
G:  Jennifer Schmidt

Note: KJNP will not be doing the North Pole seats this year, due to lack of competition in those seats.

Alaska Tourism Industry Association, Fairbanks Chapter Forum

In 2000, they had a forum in the Borough. Assembly Chambers Their forum included, Borough Mayor, Borough Assembly, and Fairbanks City Council only. The public was welcome. We are still trying to find out if they are doing one this year. For information, call 479-6673.

North Pole Candidate Forum

In 2000, they held a forum at North Pole City Hall. They included only the Borough Mayor seat, the North Pole City Mayor seat, and the North Pole City Council seats, so we suspect they are not having a forum this year. For information, call 488-2281.

League of Women Voters Forum:

In the past they have done a forum for Assembly and School Board candidates, but they are not planning one for 2002.  For information, call 456-8963.

Sept. 24 -News-Miner

Election Questionaires were due from the candidates by the 18th, after which they were going to be interviewed. We are still attempting to find out when each candidate's interviews and answers will be published. Stay tuned!

We have been told that Borough Seat K  will be on Oct. 3

KUAC-TV Channel 9 Forum (pre-recorded)

Most of the info below is from 2000. We are attempting to get an update.

October 1, Sunday, beginning at 1:30 p.m. the seats mentioned below will be broadcast back to back.

The following are times the seats are being recorded

September 23, with Borough Assembly Seat K at 7 PM, 

Borough Assembly Seat F at 6:45 PM, 
Borough Assembly Seats A and G at 7:30 PM, 
School Board Seat A at 8:15, 
School Board Seat B at 8:30PM, 
North Pole Council at 9PM, and the 
North Pole Mayor Seat at 9:15 PM. 

For more information, call 474-7491., click on "Election Chat"

This was the list in 2000, there was no "election chat" that we know of in 2001. We are checking still for 2002.

Noon to 1:30p.m. each day. You can ask questions in these online sessions.

Tuesday, Sept. 19              Hank Bartos
Wednesday, Sept. 20          Rhonda Boyles
Thursday, Sept. 21             Tim Beck

KFAR Problem Corner Radio

Interviews w/Michael Duke at 660 AM. Info, 451-5910. They will be aired on Problem Corner which plays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., and some may make it in on a Saturday. We are getting this list late, and those candidates who are missing may already have been on the air. Those who have not set up interviews and are interested should contact him as soon as possible.

The following is what is left for 2002.

Date Time Candidate
9/20 Friday 3 PM Loren Leman
9/21 Saturday 10 AM Cheryl Alsip
9/23 Monday   2 PM Cam Carlson on School Bond Props.
9/24 Tuesday  2 PM Valerie Therrien
10/8 Tuesday      Election Day


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