Municipal Election File, 2011

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Municipal Election

ITA Statement 9/16/2011

 At the 25th Annual Interior Taxpayers’ Association’s Candidate’s Forum, two candidates packed the chamber with their own supporters in a bid to manipulate the group’s endorsements. Due to irregularities in the balloting, the ITA will not be making endorsements this year. The forum was well attended and informative. ITA regrets this turn of events and wants to thank the candidates for participating. ITA offers their sincerest apology for this unexpected outcome to the candidates, to members who listened and cast thoughtful votes, and to those who count on our endorsements each year to help them choose fiscally responsible candidates.


As noted above, ITA will not endorse this year. If you want to call Donna at (907) 452-4783 evenings (Alaska time) she will be happy to share with you who she is voting for.

ITA then published dates for other ways to learn about the candidates. We did not endorse any of them.

As a reminder, we will be voting our renewal of the Borough's Revenue Cap in the 2012 election.

Why Do We Need a Revenue Tax Cap?

The Revenue Cap is something that affects each and every person living in the Fairbanks North Star Borough. It is our revenue cap that keeps property taxes from soaring higher every time the assembly wants to spend some money without allowing you to vote.


Although many renters believe that the Revenue Cap does not affect them, you must remember that when your landlord receives a major tax increase, that burden is passed on to you through increased rents.


Again, the tax cap affects everyone living in the borough. While you may not rent or be a property owner, you will pay property tax every time you shop in our local stores. This is because when store owners are forced to pay a high property tax, they, in turn, pass that cost on to you, the consumer.


One of the questions most frequently asked of ITA is, “Why must we go through this process every two years?” Good question! The simple answer is – unlike the city, the borough does not have a charter where iinitiatives become permanent law until changed by the voters. The borough is governed by Alaska State Law Title 29, which clearly states:

Sec. 29.26.190. Effect. (a) The effect of an ordinance or resolution may not be modified or negated within two years after its effective date if adopted in an initiative election . . .  Alaska Statutes Title 29

Put simply, this means that if we do not renew our cap every two years by voter approval, it would take only 5 votes of the Borough Assembly to either raise the cap or make it go away altogether.


Your property taxes have increased over the years! However, due to the tax cap, only a very minimal part of that increase is due to growth in borough government. The majority of this increase has been due to VOTER APPROVED BOND ISSUES, i.e. library expansion, new grade schools, tens of millions in high school renovations, solid waste bonds…the list goes on and on. The tax cap itself protects you ONLY against unwanted growth in government.

Paid for by The Interior Taxpayers' Association, Donna Gilbert, President, Box 71892, Fairbanks, AK 99707 (907) 452-4783.

[Tax Cap Explanation]

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