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Municipal Election File, 2006

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October 3, 2006
Municipal Election

ITA's Candidate Forum was September 6. Below, highlighted in yellow, are ITA's endorsements. An X is added to those who won.


City Council, Seat A    

  • James F Dieringer, I

  • Nelson B. Miles

  • Vivian M. Stiver X

City Council, Seat B   

  • Don W. Eagle

  • Chad H. Roberts X

  • No Endorsement

Borough Mayor           

  • Jim Whitaker (incumbant) X

  • Todd Larkin

  • Dae Miles

Borough Assembly, Seat A    

  • Charlie Rex (incumbant) X (by less than 10 votes)

  • Tammie Wilson

Borough Assembly, Seat F

  • Nadine Hargesheimer (incumbant) X

  • Mark A. Ames

  • No Endorsement    

Borough Assembly, Seat G

  • Mike Musick X

  • Bonnie Williams

  • No Endorsement

Borough Propositions:

FNSB Proposition #1: VOTE NO  Passed

District-wide Capital Maintenance & Upgrades (school facilities)
Schools included are Weller, Badger Road, Joy, Woodriver, Pearl Creek, University Park, Elementary Schools, and North Pole Middle School, and North Pole, Lathrop, and West Valley High Schools. Est. cost $21.11 per 100,000 assessed value without reimbursement from state, and $6.33 with.

FNSB Proposition #2: VOTE NO    Passed

Renovation Projects for Barnette Elementary School and Ryan Middle School. Est. cost $12.02 per 100,000 assessed value without reimbursement from state, and $3.61 with.

FNSB Proposition #3: VOTE YES   Passed

Ordinance Establishing Maximum Allowable Tax Revenues. [Note: This is the “tax cap” that ITA is seeking to renew the protections for, by initiative.]

City of Fairbanks Propositions:

City Proposition #1: VOTE YES   Passed

To extend time for the annual independent audit from 90 days to 180 days, and make it available for the public.

City Proposition #2: VOTE YES   Passed

To establish a Capital Projects Fund for the City.

City Proposition #3: NO ENDORSEMENT  Passed

To limit the amount of municipal taxes that came come from Property Tax to 0.5 mills ($50 per 100,000 taxable assessed value) unless a higher levy is approved by the voters in a general election. [Note: This would not effect Borough Property Taxes]

City Proposition #4: VOTE YES   Passed

To establish that any new or additional sales taxes levied (except for hotel/motel, alcohol, tobacco) must be approved by city voters in a general election. [Note, this is by ITA initiative]


[Tax Cap Explanation]

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