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Election 2001 Advertisement

The Interior Taxpayers' Association is pleased to share
with you our choices for candidates and issues.
The Interior Taxpayers' Association is dedicated 
to cost-effective government. Our objection is not 
to taxes, but to the careless waste of our tax dollars. 
In hopes that you feel the same, we would like to offer 
our choices in candidates and our views on the ballot 
propositions. If you, too, believe in cost effective 
government and getting what you pay for, please seriously 
consider our recommendations. You can be assured that we 
try to recommend only candidates whom we feel confident 
will be fiscally responsible with your tax dollars, and 
we evaluate ballot propositions with your pocketbook and 
the good of all Fairbanks in mind.


Casey Cockerham
David Fields
Larry Long
Scott Kawasaki
Charlie Rex

*Steve Thompson


Seat C:
Thomas W. Garrett

*Donna Gilbert

Kyong Hollen

Seat D:

*Jerry Cleworth


Seat B:

*Billy Ray Allen

Tim Beck
Mark Ames

Seat C:

*Cynthia Henry

Dae Miles

Seat H:
Hank Bartos

*John R. Mazzitello

Seat I:
Eileen M. Cummings

*Doug Wilson

ITA did not endorse a school board candidate this year, as both are unopposed incumbents. 


FNSB Proposition #1: Composition and Form of the FNSB Assembly:
"Members of the Assembly shall be elected at large by voters throughout the Borough?"                       yes    no

No endorsement

FNSB Proposition #2: Shall the Fairbanks North Star Borough be authorized an increase to its property tax revenue to fund improvements to South Davis Park in an annual amount of $460,000?"
An increase of $460,000 will add approximately .118 mills to the rate allowed by the existing tax cap. The amount due in annual taxes on one hundred thousand dollars in assessed value would be $11.80.
The tax cap will be reduced by $460,000 after ten years.

                                                       yes             NO

Why Vote No?   ITA opposes this proposition because it is unnecessary to

  • subvert the Borough Tax Cap for ten years,
  • raise everyone's property taxes, and
  • set a dangerous precedent. 

While the purpose of this proposition is worthy, and we agree with its intent, 
we do not agree with the method chosen to raise the money needed. 
We would rather see the money taken from the Undesignated Fund Balance 
of the Borough. This fund consists of taxes already collected, and has over
twice the entire needed amount
right now! It can be appropriated for 
South Davis Park by a simple majority vote of the Assembly.


Paid for by The Interior Taxpayers' Association, Donna Gilbert, 
President, Box 71892, Fairbanks, AK 99707 Pursuant to state law, 
ITA certifies that nothing written about any candidate was written 
or approved by them.

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Candidate endorsements on this Web Site are not authorized, paid for, nor approved by any candidate. ITA, as a non-profit organization, does not give money to candidates. ITA is solely responsible for the content of everything appearing on these pages unless otherwise noted. We believe in the truth and are proud of our research. We stand ready to back up anything we say here, with the originating documents if necessary. However, we will not be responsible for inaccuracies found in other's documentation.

Paid for by The Interior Taxpayers' Association, Inc. PO Box 71892, Fairbanks AK 99707,
Donna Gilbert, President  ITA Phone (907) 456-8031.
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